Fribourg Workshop “The Dining Experience: New Questions for Theoretical Philosophy” – June 4-5, 2018

Inaugural workshop
4-5th June 2018
University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

Philosophy of food is a rapidly burgeoning area of philosophy. Most developments have so far occurred in so-called practical philosophy of food (i.e., ethics and political philosophy)and the debates have centred on the question: “What should I eat?”. More recently, however, the philosophy of food has taken a more theoretical inflexion and philosophers have begun to address topics in the philosophy of food from a theoretical perspective. They have asked, e.g, what is food?; what is a recipe?; what are the emotions characteristic of our food consumption (or lack thereof) and what role do they play?; and what is the nature and structure of olfaction and gustation? In this workshop, we intend to bring an international team of philosophers to address a series of such theoretical questions in the philosophy of food.


Davide Bordini & Sanna Hirvonen (Milan): Experiencing Taste
Andrea Borghini (Milan): Marinara With Cheese and Other (Im)Possible Recipes
Anne Barnhill (UPenn): Enabling Better Food Choice
Shane Epting (Las Vegas): Conceptions of Food Sovereignty
Akiko Frischhut (Akita): The Temporality of Gustatory Experience
David Kaplan (North Texas): The Politics of Taste
Matthias Kaiser (Bergen): TBA
Cain Todd (Lancaster): Flavour, Emotion, and Time