CUNY Symposium “Food, Identity, Borders” – October 7, 2019

9:30-10 am: Welcome and Coffee

10-10:15: Introduction, Rachel Wharton and Sari Kisilevsky 

10:15-11:30: Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez, Adelaida Simon, Sonia Perez, and Eliana Jaramillo, Street Vendor Project

11:30-11:45: Break

11:45-1: Adán Medrano, “Don’t Count the Tortillas: The Art of Texas Mexican Cooking”

1-2:30: Lunch Break and Student Presentations

2:30-3:45: Brigid Washington, “From Slave Food to National Treasure: Callaloo’s Ascent“

3:45-4: Break

4-5:15: Dafna Hirsch, The Open University of Israel, “Food and Borders in Israel-Palestine”

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