Half-Baked Online Colloquia Series Spring 2021


Andrea Borghini (University of Milan)

Megan Dean (Michigan State University)

Nicola Piras (University of Milan)

Beatrice Serini (University of Milan)

The “Half Baked (Online) Colloquia Series” is a series of colloquia held on Zoom by young scholars who work on food from different philosophical perspective, broadly understood to include theoretical approaches to culture, society, gender, race, history as they relate to food, consumption, and dieting. 

Use the ID to join the meeting through the free Zoom App:

Meeting ID: 915 2703 8125

OR follow the link and connect with Zoom Web:


 For more information contact: andrea.borghini@unimi.it

http://www.culinarymind.org or http://www.facebook.com/culinarymind/

On Friday 2.30 PM, GMT+1

JANUARY 29 – MATTEO RAVASIO (Peking University, China) – Hedonic and Normative Principles in Food Appreciation

FEBRUARY 26 – NICOLA PIRAS (University of Milan, Italy) – Towards a Social Ontology of Food      

MARCH 12 – ALEX PLAKIAS (Hamilton College, USA) – Food, Ignorance, and Epistemic Injustice

MARCH 26 – SANNA HIRVONEN (Independent researcher) – TBA

APRIL 9 – TEEA KORTETMÄKI (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) – Just Food System Transition: Philosophical Underpinnings


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