We are an international network of academics, chefs, food writers and other individuals working on various dimensions related to food.

Organising committee  

Andrea Borghini, PhD        [Coordinator]
Associate professor, University of Milan, Italy
Researcher, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Researcher, University of Liege, Belgium
Researcher, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Independent researcher, London, UK
Francesca Mastrovito
Researcher, University of Bologna, Italy
Kristina Pucko, PhD 
Researcher, University of Milan, Italy
Researcher, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Cain Todd, PhD 
Senior lecturer, University of Lancaster, UK


Affiliated members 

Academic members

Andrea Baldini, PhD
Associate Professor, Art Institute of Nanjing University, China
Anne Barnhill, PhD
Researcher, Johns Hopkins University, US
Enrico Bonadio, PhD 
Senior lecturer, City Law School, London. UK
Matteo Bonotti, PhD 
Lecturer, Monash University, Australia
Virgil Brower, PhD 
Researcher, Charles University, Czech Republic
Valeria Campos Salvaterra, PhD 
Professor, The Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile
Andrew Chignell, PhD
Professor, University of Princeton, US
Julien Deonna, PhD 
Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Shane Epting, PhD
Visiting assistant professor, University of Nevada Las Vegas, US
Gabriele Ferretti, PhD 
Researcher, University of Florence, Italy
Akiko Frischhut, PhD 
Assistant professor, University of Akita, Japan
Francesco Guala, PhD 
Professor, University of Milan, Italy
Matthias Kaiser, PhD
Head of Department, University of Bergen
David Kaplan, PhD 
Associate professor, University of North Texas, US
Sari Kisilevsky, PhD 
Associate professor, Queens College CUNY, New York City, US
Carolyn Korsmeyer, PhD 
Professor, University of Buffalo, UK
Giovanni Lucignani, PhD
Professor, University of Milano, Italy
Johanna Mendelson Forman
Adjunct professor, American University, US
Lisa Palmer, PhD 
Senior fellow, University of Maryland, US
Nicola Piras, PhD
Researcher, University of Sassari-Alghero, Italy
Gyorgy Scrinis, PhD 
Senior lecturer, University of Melbourne, Australia
Gianfranco Soldati, PhD 
Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Fabrice Teroni, PhD 
Professor, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Giuliano Torrengo, PhD
Senior assistant professor, University of Milan, Italy
Benjamin Wurgaft, PhD
Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of technology, US

Food world members

Susan Barocas
Food Writer, Washington D.C., US
Cesare Battisti
Chef, Restaurant Ratanà, Milan, Italy
Antonia Klugman, Chef
Restaurant L’Argine a Vencò, Dolegna del Collio, Italy
Enrico Vignoli
Chef, Postrivoro, Italy
Rachel Wharton
Food Writer, New York, US